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Știrbey Palace from Bucharest, rehabilitation project

București, România
Authors: arch. Elena-Codina Dușoiu, st.arch. Daniela Truta, st.arch. Alexandra Patrascu, st.arch. Iulia Claudia Danilescu / UAUIM București
Collaborators: conf.dr. arh. Mihai Opreanu, lector dr.arh. Ana Botez, asist. dr. arh. Monica Muresanu, asist. dr. arh. Mihaela Balan

Authors’ Comment

The project investigates the possibility of streamlining functions consistent with the status of a monument of the building and its location in the historic area of Calea Victoriei. In order to preserve and highlight the imposing stature of the building, but also to generate economic resources, it was proposed the function of an auction house - art gallery, including the following facilities: the former ballroom will become an auction room, where other events can also be held, with garden access, and the remaining rooms will be used as exhibition space for art objects specific to auction houses, such as: statues, silverware, dishes, books, etc. The piano nobile will be an area dedicated to the history of Ştirbey family and the palace, with an interactive information area, a space for discussions with customers along with art display. For the basement, we proposed a winery in the memory of the famous Știrbey cellars and the attic has been allocated for offices for employees.

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