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Authors: arh. Maria Ghement, arh. Justin Baroncea

Productie: Atelier Set Design - Andrei Angelescu- Emanuel Birtea
Photo: Andrei Margulescu
Cutii Luminoase: TMP Custom Products

Authors’ Comment

Display system for 32 book titles from Vellant Publishing House, stored in cabinets with 2 cm bamboo fabric doors.
Above, the names of the collections are displayed in 6 light boxes measuring 200 x 70 cm, with a 2 cm thick spruce wood frame, detached by a 5 cm base from the bookcase's surface.
White display tables, measuring 1.2 x 1.6 m and equipped with wheels, are placed in alignment with the modules, with a circulation space of 1.30 m between them.
Materials: natural wood and white textile; elements of a living space integrated into a
vendor booth.
Titles are exhibited on shelf modules measuring 83x43 cm, mounted on a frame made of 40x40 mm wood.
The installation uses a lighting system with 2 cm LED tubes integrated into the structure of the display shelves, along with 4 floor lamps positioned in the center of the mobile tables.
The lighting serves as a signal and reference point among 160 stands in a space of 21,000 square meters.