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Nostalgia with a twist

Nostalgia with a twist

Authors: arh. Gabriel-Andrei Alexoiu, arh. Alexandra-Cristiana Comănici, arh. Bianca-Maria Păun
Firm: Conic Design Studio S.R.L.

Photo: Deco Days, Arhivă personală

Authors’ Comment

The "Nostalgia with a Twist" exhibition stand represented a summary of the entire fair, using design objects sold by the fair's exhibitors. Through the arrangement proposed in the competition, we wanted visitors to be able to perceive a physical, real space, made only with finishes and objects from the fair.
The starting point in designing process was choosing a scenario for the use of the space and making a portrait of the preferences of the current public. We took into account the public's openness to timeless design objects, which can transport us to the past, but which do not distance us from the present moment. And from here we concluded that the ideal living room would be an Art-Deco space with contemporary touches.
The Art-Deco style is recognized for the use of geometric shapes and patterns, something integrated into the decor presented primarily through the selection of furniture items.
Art-Deco style often features bright and rich colors such as red, black, gold, silver and turquoise. In this proposal, the red and navy color scheme creates a striking contrast with the white details and gold accents.
Materials and finishes add a touch of elegance and refinement, transposing us into a bohemian context. I followed the artistic current presented both from the chromatic point of view and through the materials used, such as marble, semi-opaque black glass, mirrors and gold details.
Contemporary touches are inspired by the Modern Maximalist trend and aim to personalize the space through objects and accents that nuance the living according to the user's personality.
Among these touches we mention the Spun chair, which offers an atypical way of use, the use of the Kabuki lamp that reinterprets the crystal glass in a contemporary way, but also the incomplete painting of the background wall in an accent color, recalling the "Red Square" painting of Malevich's and the use of multiple decorative objects that aim to personalize the space.