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Isolation in a Series of Liminal States 2023

Isolation in a Series of Liminal States 2023

Authors: arh. Maria Ghement, arh. Justin Baroncea

Sound Design: Vlaicu Golcea
Coregraf : Simona Deaconescu
Artist plastic: Ramon Sadîc
Istoric: Mihai Burcea
Sociolog: Bogdan Iancu
Performeri: Ioana Marchidan, Andrei Boariu, Georgeta Corca, Simona Dabija, Maria Luiza Dimulescu
graphic design: Cristina Ginara | Maria Ghement | Justin Baroncea
Photo: Andrei Margulescu | Robert Ghement
Curator: Alexandru Ion Radu
Corpuri Iluminat: Almalux
Photo: Robert Ghement, Andrei Margulescu

Authors’ Comment

Each project within the /SAC@Malmaison contributes to the periodic reinterpretation of the spatial memory by including information related to the historical identity of the building in the flow of communication between the authors of the performative installations and the public.
Project 2 - Isolation in a series of liminal states –is a performative installation.
By fusing elements of performative art with elements of artistic installation, an immersive context is created in which artists and performers interact with the audience and the space in real-time. Spectators become a living display for the information about the building's history, constructing a dynamic composition, engaging in dialogue not only with each other but also with the space, performers, and with the soundscape.
At the end of each representation, participants put together an information panel that becomes an exhibited element or activates spaces along the route to the gallery.
In 2023, the overlap of the installations "Isolation in a series of liminal states" and "Magenta Red Riding Hood" by Dumitru Gorzo, was the only moment when the components of the latter were completely repositioned in the hallway. This involved relocating the area on the 2nd floor of the Malmaison building where spectators assemble the pannels composed of excerpts from texts about Malmaison's history.
The wardrobe, along with notice boards, and with the reception, were placed in the hallway of the staircase and integrated into the same apparatus of access along with the mobile stand and video projection.
"Isolation in a series of liminal states" also included informative content about the daily life during the 1950s and 1960s, in the form of a suspended archive (8.75 x 10.00 m) consisting of newspaper excerpts hung from the metal structure of the floor plan.
Newspapers from the 1950s and 1960s - the stuffing of the door frames installed by the workers who renovated the building during that period - served as the pretext for the installation by artist Ramon Sadîc.
The crumpled newspapers were recovered by the artist community of Malmaison, from the 1st floor, during the renovation that took place in January 2021.