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Individual All-around

Individual All-around

Authors: arh. Maria Ghement, arh. Justin Baroncea

Productie: Atelier Set Design
Arh. Emanuel Birtea, Arh. Andrei Angelescu;
Client: galeria SAC/Bucuresti;
Implementare: Arh. Cristian Boltres;
Design grafic: Ilinca Pop; Maria Ghement; Justin Baroncea;
Echipa Curatoriala: Alexandru Ion Radu, Thomas Zitzwitz, Elena Stanciu, Justin Baroncea, Maria Ghement;
Photo: Andrei Margulescu; Andrei Infinit; Luca Mixich;
Photo: Andrei Margulescu, Luca Mixich, Andrei Infinit

Authors’ Comment

Individual All-Around
An exhibition about how, using our own creativity, we are capable as individuals of "composing" ourselves into complex social systems.
A visual story, with objects and installations, about how we are capable of integrating, in our own individuality, the contradictions that make us who we are, our daily routine, and our relationships with others.
A concise guide of methods through which individual contradictions can be expressed through different media and subsequently, engaged in dialogue with others.
Dialogue among individual compositions brought together in one place.
The individual composed at "Garnizoană" in Liberty Square, Timișoara.
"Individual on the ground," a yellow summary on the ground floor.
"Individual in teams," in extensive turquoise on the upper floor.
Two colors that divide a segregated square on two levels.
The saturated colors of the city’s facades pass through the intermediate space and are reflected outside-in. A white building facing the city, but colored like a square on the inside. A square with benches and cubes among individually composed installations, in an immersive space, connected to the city through a carriage entrance, painted in the same turquoise.
An exhibition built as an extension of the public space of the square, occupying the carriage entrance and invading the ground floor through the ramp.
"Individual composed" serves as a pretext to expand the public space beyond the main façade of the Garnizoană, from the covered entrance to the staircase house, to Gorzo's balcony, and from there to the glazed gallery, in the inner courtyard. "Individual in teams" here and there, or in a sequence of monochromatic intermediate spaces that follow each other from the square to the archaeological courtyard-construction site.