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All balloons up high! - Architect’s Stand
  • Nomination for the “Interior Space Architecture / Exhibition and Scenography Design” section

All balloons up high! - Architect’s Stand

Authors: arh. Fabiola Boca, arh. Oana Iacob, arh. Vlad Patru, arh. Adriana Caraza
Firm: atelier ROST

Builder: arh. Stefan Vasile (ZWART)
Montaj: Cezar Iacob, Florin Botea
Photo: Oana Iacob, Fabiola Boca, Vlad Patru

Authors’ Comment

Archyfest came with a slightly awkward requirement for us as architects.
What should an architect's stand look like? What display does an architect who holds a workshop and presents himself to passers-by need?
Who are the bystanders?

The proposed approach was built in the idea of bringing people close. Thus, two stands were practically created between which people were invited to enter and discover small models and improvised playing cards that came with questions intended to help them start a discussion with an architect.

The stand is a moment that should bring a challenge along with an invitation.
"Ask the architect" was the theme of the workshop proposed by us, an invitation to a first free discussion with a professional.

A simple wooden structure, demountable, white cloth, plants. A light reference to the main materials of a shelter. A way to achieve shading and a simple way to create a space.

The signage had to fit into this natural landscape with a festival atmosphere, so we proposed the use of 1m diameter, simple, round, white balloons printed with the team's logo.