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  • Nomination for the “Residential Architecture” section
  • Wienerberger Award

E+MS Residence

Galați, jud. Galați, România
Author: arch. Ina Elena Stoian / ShiftSpace
Collaborators: structura: ing. Vasilica Petrescu
peisagist: ing. peisagist Mirela Dragos
colaboratori arhitectura: arh. Raluca Popa, stud arh Andrei Grigore, stud arh Raluca Primejdie

Authors’ Comment

The suggestion of building the houses overlooking a common yard started the debate of the best layout. The curbed façades and the flaring in plan helped to avoid the direct view between the main interior spaces. Thus the buildings look onto the inner south yard where an exterior living is designed. The grown plants will better define in a few years the courtyard, the only free view being the one leading to the center of the yard.
The use of brick as a material for the façade was a proposal suggested to the client from the very first visit of the site where the bricks resulted from the tearing down of the previous houses and cellars were deposited. The green from the yards, the brick and the light from that moment resulted in a possible approach of the buildings, as their brief was not well defined. To use the old brick was a good plea to offer an alternative to the flat image of the town.
Therefore, the city got a new texture: the fence and the south façades are entirely covered in brick. From inside the property the buildings are perceived dynamic because of setup of the brick window frames and different plan shapes.

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