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Speakers’ Corner

Sibiu, jud. Sibiu, România
Authors: arch. Astrid Rottman, arch. Cosmin Anghelache, arch. Cassandra Pop / NA Architecture & Branding

Authors’ Comment

A sheet of drawing board, horizontally laid down on the cobblestone. A "social platform" this time physical not virtual, which does not have a certain given function, invites and provokes the passer-by to urban dialogue. Sensory present - visual and vocal – it impresses the place. Perceived as a shared and interactive space it gradually becomes a multi-purpose place for its users – a bench, a drawing board, a meeting place but also a playground for children. Urban scene. We silently memorize its speech, regardless where it comes from: the public, heavy footsteps or the sound of the rain beating like a protest drum. A drawing board. The visual dialogue reminds us of the free expression found in children's sidewalk drawings. Acting like a natural eraser, the rain constantly reminds us that we, the city dwellers, must always keep the dialogue going.
1st Place Winner - Architecture competition "See us in Sibiu"

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