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Firefighters Tower Cluj

Cluj Napoca, jud. Cluj, România
Authors: arch. Astrid Rottman, arch. Cosmin Anghelache, arch. Cassandra Pop / ASDESIGN 95

Authors’ Comment

The tower's identity is an expression of the living dialogue it has always had with the city. Through its skin man has always been in touch with his surroundings. The proposed interventions are punctual aiming for the nearby vicinity. Overlooked at first sight, they are gradually discovered: a basement, a bench, a pavement, a courtyard. Inside, an ascending path is divided into two areas – vertical circulation (stairway) and horizontal exploration (the floors and intermediate platforms) - delimited by a vertical and continuous element that fades and soothes the heavy sound of footsteps. Two different materials: concrete mass (stairs) and transparent platforms (glass, metal steel grille, interspersed with plank flooring). Once the two historic layers inside the tower are crossed, the third layer loses its materiality and dissolves itself within the city. Its total contemporary openness marks more than ever a vivid and effervescent dialogue with the city. The sensorial and cultural architecture of Cluj plays a crucial role in defining the Third Age for the tower.
Second Place Winner - Architecture competition "THE TOWER OF THE THREE AGE's"

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