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Nifon 9

București, România
Authors: arch. Ioana Pădure – șef de proiect, arch. Simona Sterca / Ioana Pădure BIA / Nukleo Studio SRL
Collaborators: Structura: ing. Dragoș Butcă
Instalații: AD Clima SRL
Antreprenor general: Elcomar Construct SRL

Authors’ Comment

The house on Mitropolit Nifon 9, built in 1897, has gradually undergone important interventions at the facade and, before being "saved," was in a generalized degradation state - more advanced in some areas and less in others.
Besides the desire to revive the building - the restoration of the facade and the return to the original architecture - the project proposed a re-functionalization and adaptation to the contemporary needs: inside the two existing areas, several sub-zones of detached living; the use of the entire space of the attic, which by elevating the roof ridge turned into a loft.
Functional intervention involved the separation of the areas and distinct sub-zones: three groups of living room + kitchen + bedroom + bathroom (one on the ground-floor – first main entrance, the second in the semi-basement and the third in the ground-floor and semi-basement, with an interior stair); another three bedrooms + bathrooms, served by an open space – living-room + kitchen and a new interior staircase from the second main entrance from the ground-floor to the loft. The technical spaces are in the semi-basement, and for them the existing access from the courtyard has been reconfigured.

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