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  • Prize of the “Architecture, Conversion, Restoration” section

Lascăr Catargiu 46

București, România
Authors: arch. Răzvan Florian Bârsan, arch. Duca Alexandru, arch. Monica Crețu / RĂZVAN BÂRSAN+PARTNERS
Collaborators: Foto: arh. Anatol Struna

Authors’ Comment

Built in 1911 based on the design of Romanian architect Toma Dobrescu, the building on 46 Lascăr Catargiu Bd. has recently gone through a renewal process that brought it back to life. Crossing the boulevard, the viewer is intrigued because of the contrast between two identical mirrored buildings, one of which carries contemporary intervention, while the other bears witness to the past. Elements regarding contemporary technology integrate in a manner that keeps them out of sight. The intervention emphasizes details that are specific to the architectural style from the beginning of last century: hard floors and inlaying of the walls and ceilings, the wooden staircase that was thoroughly restored, the woodwork and metal fittings, the original roof timber structure, façade details. The attic hosts an open multifunctional space furnished with timber and brick in a minimalistic manner. From the very beginning, the intervention was supposed to be as subtle as possible, in order to preserve the beauty of the old building, thus conformation to contemporary standards of technology keeps in place all elements of the original architecture.

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