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Mater - The Material Library

București, România
Authors: arch. Tamina Lolev – șef de proiect, arch. Vlad Stoica, urb. Iulian Canov, arch. Iris Popescu / Wolfhouse Productions
Collaborators: Instalații: Noa Project, Vest Klima Instal, Krenic;
Mobilier: Kinnarps România;
Pardoseli: BASF;
Compartimentări: Saint Gobain;
Grupuri sanitare: Roca;
Iluminat: Profilist LED

Authors’ Comment

MATER is a mix of three public access functions which occupy the 2nd floor of a former cotton mill in Bucharest. These three spaces: the material library, the event hall and the co-working space, are conceived to complement each other.
The building's structural grid - left exposed and the original industrial ceramic tiles - reconditioned with adding surprising new materials, both give the coherence to the ensemble. In contrast with these brute textures, the divisions are made up of clear glass walls and semi-opaque white multiwall polycarbonate, which ensures that the spaces receive the maximum amount of natural light and surprising visual links between the adjacent functions.
The full height of the former industrial hall (4.50 m) was used to give the material exhibition space an elevated reading/study space, the lobby an admin office, and the co-working space a nap-room on top of the shared meeting room.
Working as a valuable resource for designers, architects and students, the material library is the third step in a privately funded greater project of urban regeneration through converting the whole industrial platform into a thriving economic cluster of creative industries.

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