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The house "from" garage

București, România
Authors: arch. Bogdan Teodor, arch. Andreea Enache / B.E.T.A. - Birouri asociate de arhitectura
Collaborators: Proiectare structura: ACPCI SRL
Proiectare instalatii: DE LUXE MASTER INSTAL SRL

Authors’ Comment

The house from garage represents the realignment of a project of rehabilitation and refunctionalization of an existing building - a former garage that housed a technological engine. Following the satisfaction of these needs and the urbanistic constraints resulted a modern design, which, through the planimetric drawing, by volumetry, by choosing and putting into operation the materials is subject to the concept of urban dwelling.
The transformation of a garage into a modern dwelling has responded to the needs of the beneficiaries and has sought, from the point of view of the external architectural expression, to respond to their preferences for a particular finish - that of the brickwork. The structure of the garage was used to the maximum, the house gaining a basement, because its foundations were 1.80m deep.
With a compact layout, the house is built on 3 levels - basement, ground floor, floor - with simple plans with a smooth and efficient distribution of functions.
A house - multiple experiences: a challenge for architect and structuralist, to rehabilitate an existing building, a dream made in reality for the beneficiaries.

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