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House with groundfloor workshop

București, România
Authors: arch. Călin Radu, arch. Dan Enache / LAMA ARHITECTURA
Collaborators: confecții metalice, mobilier : Krautz Production

Authors’ Comment

The project consisted of restoring an old house covered in ivy, located in a nobel area of Bucharest. We redid the facades entierly, taking care that the decorations look exactly the same. We prefered to leave the central balcony as we found it, just cleaning it of accesories added in time. Therefore,both a contrast and a dialogue is created between the balcony and the imacculate restored facade. The wooden windows and doors were cleaned and painted greenish grey, to match the ivy that will cover the house once more. The ground floor became a shoe workshop, showroom and shop, reminding of the structure of the traditional houses in old Bucharest: house with groundfloor workshop/shop. The 1’st floor was not spacious enough as a permanent housing for the client, so we expanded the living space in the attic/French Roof. To acces the attic, you had to go on a steep ladder. Therefore, we decided to replace it, by continuiung the existing lower floor terrazzo staircase with a 2 new ones: one towards the attic/French roof, and one towards the basement. We kept the shape, reinterpreting it just by changing the material to dark steel. Thus, the old staircase becomes the SPINE of the house.

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