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Villa in Cotroceni

București, România
Authors: arch. Emil Burbea-Milescu, arch. Oana Gabriela Iacob, arch. Radu Ponta, Alexandra Zăgan, arch. Raluca Fabiola Boca, arch. Razvan Florian Delcea / Republic of Architects
Collaborators: Structura: Sicon21
Instalatii: Alyates Design
Executant: Cella Cosimex

Authors’ Comment

A villa in Cotroceni, designed by Gheorghe Simotta in 1934-5, aims to recapture its original dignity through repairs, reinforcements and minimum alterations. The works on the façade had to accommodate the provision of structural reinforcements and, as a consequence, focused on detailed design solutions aiming to preserve the proportion between the few decorative accents and the exterior face of the façade.
On the inside, the objective was to limit all interventions to the main rooms of the two dwellings (three spaces per floor) and to concentrate on redesigning their respective former service areas, in order to make the two dwellings more suitable for contemporary requirements.
The original windows, shutters and doors have been refurbished; brass door and window handles have been polished and sometimes recast after the original models; the parquet floors have been preserved; for the base of the house the original cement plaster has been redone, as have been other elements of the main access.
The demi-basement has suffered wider alterations owing to the transformation of the former service areas of the house (heating, laundry etc.) into an independent, third dwelling unit.

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