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Hangar Gastropub

București, Romania
Author: arch. Cristiana Zgripcea / cz cad
Collaborators: arh. Alexandru Morar

Authors’ Comment

Hangar Gastropub is a redevelopment function of an industrial space that shelters the service area and the production of annexe aircraft parts to the main hangar in one of the most popular craftsmanship breweries. The concept of landscaping has been developed in two clear directions and firmly observed during the works and "discoveries" on the site: respecting the original geometry of the space by dislodging successive interventions over time and the functions that support the building and the emphasis on the nonconformist spirit and explosive that Ground Zero has earned and gained over the past few years. The floor is completely rebuilt but retains the material and appearance of the original one. The walls of brick masonry have been cleaned and filled up to contact with the rebar with reused parts. These represent the support of the second coordinate of our arrangement, the Ground Zero boom, expressed in the form of an explosion of colored splashes dusted on these walls. The nonconformist note is accentuated by the lack of a classic mirror and by making the sinks in the barrels of beer.

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