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  • Nomination for the “Architecture, Conversion, Restoration” section

Consolidation, arrangement and modernization works at the headquarters of the Dolj agency of National Bank of Romania

Craiova, jud. Dolj, România
Authors: arch. Adrian Spirescu, arch. Cosmin Popa, arch. Ruxandra Iordan, arch. Raluca Cojocaru, arch. Lucica Mîț, arch. Marina Raicopol, Cristian Prisecaru, Daniela Cehan / sc. Carpati Proiect srl.
Collaborators: Structura: Ing. Alexandru Boangher
Instalatii: Ing. Nicolai Grigoras, Ing. Victor Voroneanu, Ing. Adrian Bacila
Specialist monumente istorice: Arh. Gabriel Tureanu
Corpuri de iluminat: Arh. Dan Dumitriu

Authors’ Comment

Dolj Agency building of B.N.R. is a historical monument of category "B" and is part of an architectural ensemble of historical monuments: the Roman Catholic Church (on the west side), Valimanescu House (north), ISC-Dolj Building and the Art Museum - Jean Mihail Palace( east).
The main works that were the subject of the project were:
-consolidation of the building on the basis of the consolidation solutions according to the performed expertise
-consolidation and local restoration of fencing
-designing a processing center
-reconfiguration of office spaces for banking activity
-fluidizing circulation inside the building restoration of interior finishes
-restoring decorative elements, floors, cast iron poles after scraping, etc.
- reconfiguration of the building roof, restoration of the existent roof
- restoration of exterior finishing facades, decorative elements, exterior joinery
- dismantling the masonry of the existing thermal boiler and the chimney positioning a new space for C.T.
- restoring the cabin gate
- vertical systematization works
A very visible transformation was that of the main hall on the ground floor
recovered the harmonious proportions, as well as the fine pillars of restored cast iron, the skylight false reconstituted.

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