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M House

București, România
Authors: arch. Eliza Yokina, arch. Cosmin Anghelache, arch. Irina Iacob / CUMULUS ARCHITECTURE
Collaborators: Constructor: Vlad Group
Foto: Andrei Mărgulescu

Authors’ Comment

The villa is located in a dense, small plots built area in the interwar period in Dorobanti neighbourhood.
The house unfolds on four levels with a 95 sqm print.
Specific to this house, beyond its elegant interwar architecture, is finding the secret closet in the basement that has become part of it’s story. The work involved the modernization and complete refurbishment of the building by restoration of the finishes and installations, as well as the conversion of the attic into a living attic. Two vertical skylights were added to the former chimneys in the roof. The interior and exterior layout has taken into account the existing architecture of the building as well as her valuable architectural elements. The materials used as finishes are natural - stone, wooden parquet, small-size sandstone, characteristic of the interwar period, mosaics, metal, plaster and plaster based on lime. Furniture and interior design refer to interwar interiors, reflecting also the contemporary lifestyle of the Mândrea family. Most of the lighting fixtures are vintage. There is also an upholstered wall in the house that pays tribute to the first owner of the house - the upholsterer of the royal house.

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