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Ing. Slăniceanu Nicolae 17

București, Romania
Authors: arch. Ruxandra Nemțeanu – șef proiect complex, arch. Irina-Teodora Nemțeanu / RUXANDRA NEMTEANU B.I.A.-S.R.C.V.M.I.
Collaborators: Structură: SC TRILITA FRAME INVEST SRL - ing. Șerban Median, ing. Alexandra Văduva, consultant: ing. Teodor Brotea
Instalații: SC LGBP DESIGN SRL - ing. Liviu Ghiță

Authors’ Comment

The building is located in a residential district in Bucharest – in the former "Calarași" parcelling (Protected Urban Area 61). The plot stretches over an area of 184 sqm and the residence was built between 1932-193 by architect Ştefan Ciocârlan. The façade architecture shows a simplified Art Deco style, being a hybrid of inter-war modern architecture with Art Deco elements. In order to improve living quality, the project aimed to extend the living area into the existing attic, lifting the roof ridge by approx. 1 m, to realize a buffer space for the villa’s access, in order to widen the current entrance and improve the inner circulation, but also the residence’s consolidation (already partially consolidated in 1996-2000 - expert MLPTL and MCC, eng. Spoiala Laurentiu - Tudor) and the restoration of the exterior facades. The entrance area extension was meant not to affect the historical building’s volume or its perception in the street. The posterior and lateral façade, without decorations and less visible from the street, could be fitted with contemporary thermal insulation systems.

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