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Țepeș Vodă House

Țepeș Vodă House

Authors: Ștefan Sava, Alexandru Popescu, Veturia Bulie
Firm: SSAT+

Structure project: ing. Gheorghe Sava ( SSAT+)
Builder: regie proprie
Client: privat

Authors’ Comment

The initial building, dating from the interwar period and specific for the modern style, caught the eye of the client who bought it in order to make it his own home. Thus, this project consisted in the rehabilitation and extension of the house, adapting it to the demands and needs of the owner. The attic was transformed into a whole new floor, and, functionally speaking, through the extension, a third apartment was added to the two existing ones, each with his own private entrance and floor.
The extension was clearly marked from the existing with the help of materials, geometry, color and windows’ position.

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