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The Corner Eminescu – Dacia

The Corner Eminescu – Dacia

Authors: arh. Ștefan Sava, arh. Alexandru Popescu, arh. Elena-Georgiana Ivan
Firm: SSAT+

Structure project: ing. Alexandru Neacșu (SET Structural Engineering Technology)
Builder: SICOR
Client: Urban Housing
Photo: Bogdan Moise

Authors’ Comment

A residential small-sized project located in the heart of Bucharest, this project aimed to offer 18 apartments of a high standard, targeting entrepreneurs with an active lifestyle. The solution offered by our team was that of a four-level building an urban garden on the rooftop, functionally blending in with the area and its specificity. The ground floor is occupied with commercial spaces and small-sized offices. The difference in function is also visible in the façade language, through the materials and textures used – the ground floor has a ventilated plated façade with fiber cement and glass railings in front of the windows, while the rest of the building is differentiated through white and grey plaster and metallic railings.
The location, the Eminescu-Dacia area, allows the users to enjoy all the advantages of living in the heart of the city, while the green rooftops designed for the upper floor apartments add an extra touch of comfort.

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