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Vasile Lucaciu House

Vasile Lucaciu House

Authors: arh. Alexandru Popescu, arh. Ștefan Sava, arh. Elena-Georgiana Ivan
Firm: SSAT+

Structure project: ing. Mirel Mocanu (Media Proiect)
Photo: Bogdan Moise

Authors’ Comment

This single-family home is located in the heart of Bucharest, in a protected area characterized by the aesthetic and social blend of houses built during different periods of development of the city, including both modest buildings and landmark monuments. This led, first of all, to the necessity of adapting the project to the heights, volumes and distinctiveness of the vicinity, for a better and more natural insertion of the new building in the surrounding area. Through the playful volumes and geometries, the proportion and position of the windows, the materials and decorative elements, we gave the house a new personality fit to its context, by reinterpreting specific area elements, but in a contemporary architectural vision.

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