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Authors: arh. int. Irina Ursu
Firm: IUstudio

Renovări: Wood Stone Design
Confecții metalice: Vertigo Metal Design
Finisaj pardoseală: Concrete Art
Photo: Alexandru Prodan

Authors’ Comment

In the aftermath of this year's pandemic, many physical retail stores had to reevaluate their situations and current strategies. The client, owner of a footwear retail store chain located in several hypermarkets, decided to relocate his activity to much smaller spaces but with a focus on street access.
Thus, it was decided to develop a new store layout design, with emphasis on functionality. This is due to the fact that the new shops needed a new identity to match the much more compact areas, compared to the previous locations.
The 22sqm were organised in such a way in which to maximise the product display, by placing the merchandise in the available space. As such, along the walls, a metal sheet and modular system of steel pipes shelves was chosen - a simple but versatile solution for displaying products of different sizes. To compensate for the lack of sufficient stockroom, a shelf was placed above the display system. The shelf is accessible via two rolling ladders.
Cladding the front wall and the benches for customers with stone slabs aims to suggest durability but also alludes to the name of the store.
Overall, simple materials and solutions were preferred. These can be duplicated in future stores. The aesthetics thus created is harmonious, characterising and highlighting the products offered for sale.

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