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IU office

IU office

Authors: arh. int. Irina Ursu

Beneficiar: IUstudio

Authors’ Comment

This studio space was built for a young team whose work and focus revolve around interior architecture and design. Thus, their design principles were implemented in their own workspace. This office is part of a home, it’s actually the former garage that was demolished and rebuilt according to the new requirements. The roof was designed as a green terrace. The space is restricted, only 16 sqm, but holds three office units. The furniture was designed and built specifically for this space, in the same way the team does for all their projects. The finishings that were used: exposed concrete, metallic structures, beech plywood and copper piping, are meant to suggest sincerity, simplicity and the unconventional. The copper pipes that hide the electrical wires are a symbol for good communication. These natural materials, left in their unrefined form, are the ones that the IUstudio team use and promote in their projects. The ambience, with its slight austerity and modesty, was the stylistic objective of this design.

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