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Baker House

București, România
Author: arch. Maria - Cristina Georgescu / S.C. KUB PLANNING S.R.L.
Collaborators: Structura: S.C. INCONA S.R.L.
Foto: Arh. Tudor Ciocanescu

Authors’ Comment

The building is located in a central residential neighborhood of Bucharest - which was seriously altered in the last years in the architectural and urban level - by the new buildings with different functions than residential. Designing in a sector without a style identity is a challenge - especially when the urban rule forces to build in a sequence front. As an answer to this context we decided to split the volume in 2 parts : one with a smaller image scale, towards the street, respecting the scale of the nearest existing buildings, and the other part – which is higher, in the back of the land, almost invisible from the street but with a nice view of the surroundings.
Also, the main bedroom located in the 1st floor next to the street is separated from the noise of the city by a small terrace having a glass wall next to the street.
Another difficult challenge was the land context – having light only from one side of the land and a bad proportion (very long). This is the reason for the very glazed lateral façade, in order to allow the light in the interior space.

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