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Open site: the Library from Militari

București, România
Authors: arch. Cristian - Daniel Borcan, arch. Alexandru Axinte / studioBASAR
Collaborators: Îndrumători: Alex Axinte + Cristi Borcan (studioBASAR), Tudor Elian (UAUIM), Bogdan Iancu (SNSPA)
Participanți “Școala de Oraș”: Diana Buța, Anca Crețu, Lucian Călugărescu, Matei David, Magda Juravlea, Ana-Dora Matei, Anisia Mouhamed, Andreea Nicuț, Andrei Suhan, Iris Șerban, Alecs Vasiliu
Voluntari inaugurare: Adi Bratu, Ana-Maria Bucur, Cosmina Balint, Andrei Staicu, Alin Voitescu
Bilbliotecari BMB: Daniel Ciobanu, Anca Ivan, Cristina Popovici, Gabriela Toma, Anca Râpeanu, Liliana Radu

Authors’ Comment

After 5 years of hibernation and 6 months of „City School” program, the „Gheorghe Lazăr” library from Militari neighborhood was reopened. „City School” is an applied education program, where the participating students are engaging the authentic urban condition.
After talking with the neighbors, the users and the librarians, we temporarily opened the library, testing several actions and collecting opinions about how a neighborhood library could transform. During the ideas workshop stage, we transformed the information accumulated into planning scenarios.
Partially built during a construction workshop, the layout stressed the main resource of the library identified by the users: the space, left open, with flexible furniture, freed of excessive book shelves. Thus the library could work as a cultural exchange space, a convivial and social space, where the book is a catalyst, without commanding the spatial organization.
The end of the “City School” project is the beginning of the “Gheorghe Lazăr” library in a new formula, as an open site towards its users, where the spatial layout and the design of the activities are left open for the contribution of the users.

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