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Trailer for Research and Activation (RCA)

București, România
Authors: arch. Alexandru Axinte, arch. Cristian - Daniel Borcan, arch. Matei David, arch. Tudor Elian / studioBASAR
Collaborators: Producție: Top Event

Authors’ Comment

Within the context of the urban communities decay and the shrinking public cultural and educational infrastructure, the Trailer for Research and Activation (RCA) is a mobile pavilion that acts as a fast intervention squad engaged in the production of ad-hoc public space. The Trailer works as an open source tactical tool used in manufacturing and diversifying the space’s working protocols, contributing to the emancipation of its operating actors.
The Trailer can adapt quickly to the suffocated condition of contemporary Romanian public spaces. Measuring 1X2m at the base and 2m in height in close position, the Trailer can open as a “surprise box” until 3X7.5m at the base and 2.5m in height, transform itself into according to the local geography into tables for workshops, exhibition boards, small stage or outdoor cinema.
In 2016, the Trailer supported approximately 20 events organized in Bucharest by cultural public institutions, civic groups or cultural organizations. „The Trailer for Research and Activation” is a project financed through the Mobilizing Excellency Program, created by Porsche Romania and developed together with Bucharest Community Foundation.

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