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Baia Sprie memorial

Baia Sprie, jud. Maramureș, România
Author: arch. Vlad Mitric-Ciupe / Mitric-Ciupe Vlad Aurelian Birou Individual de Arhitectură

Authors’ Comment

Taking into account the particularities of the site, especially the existence of the underground gallery - a space that will be arranged and exploited as a sightseeing route within the memorial, the pronounced slope, but also the quasi-complete isolation towards the neighborhoods and the significant withdrawal from the county road access, we proposed to develop the two-level functions (ground and floor).
The surface and the total volume are reduced - trying to closely follow the real possibilities of realization (especially from the financial point of view), proposing at the ground floor a central hall that polarizes the other spaces: temporary and permanent exhibitions (ground floor), multifunctional room, projection space and research / museography offices (upstairs).
From a volumetric point of view, the intervention wanted to be as clean and neutral as possibile, framed in the landscape and in a certain relationship with the entrance to the existing gallery, the apparently used concrete (both inside and outside) contributing to the desired atmosphere.
The outdoor route includes a space of meditation / commemoration, the mining tower and access to the gallery.
At the moment, the documentation for accessing European funds is being prepared, in an association between ProActiv Memory and Baia Sprie City Hall.

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