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Brasov, jud. Brașov, România
Authors: arch. Ion POPUȘOI, cond.arch Bogdan PREDA, arch. Ioan DELIBAS – arhitect, arch. Rares DRAGOIU – arhitect / In situ
Collaborators: Structura: ing. Andrei Moanta
Executant: Tecton Trust

Authors’ Comment

The building D + P + 5E + 6R + 7R with the plan dimensions of 51.10 m × 15.35 m is composed of two volumes: base unit D + P + 1E and tower. In this configuration, the architecture project includes the following functions: - Demisol: parking and technical spaces - Ground floor and 1st floor: office space - Floor 2-Floor 7: Housing The facades reflect the demarcation of functions (offices and apartments): the base, defined by a simple rhythm of the curtain wall, and the upper, sculptural volume - the apartements.

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