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Damian House

București, România
Author: arch. Ion Popușoi / IN SITU srl
Collaborators: Structura: ing. Tudor Bugnariu
Executant elemente de metal si lemn: Tanasa Petre, Sorin Nechifor
Executant: Firma LDS Construct

Authors’ Comment

In an architectually homogeneous neighborhood with tight building
restrictions this house was intended as simple building with clear layout
and has been designed to ofer a sense of calm continuity.
The footprint and size follows the local building regulations as well as the
program inside.
The interior is treated as a sequence of interconected spaces, arranged
along the longitudinal axis, in a fluid composition with the clean lines and
natural materials.
Each of the materials selected has an inherent quality and get better with
Despite the simple layout the furnishing of the interior was use to define the

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