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„Rabenthal” by Jörg Graser

„Rabenthal” by Jörg Graser

Authors: arh. Irina Moscu

Beneficiar: Teatrul Maghiar de Stat „Csiky Gergely”, Timișoara, România

Authors’ Comment

Fragments of interiors that outline the miserable universe of a fish chef and a wealthy man merge into a unitary space that fluidises the movement of actors in the scene. An inexpensive and dainty restaurant, a dirty kitchen, a bedroom and a lounge suite compose movie frames, shifting the viewer's attention from one plane to another in a fluent manner. Each frame is individually lighted and positioned differently, giving depth to the scene. A 4 tons water aquarium in which a mermaid swims is hidden in the center of the composition and will be discovered later in the play. The painting is unitary, the chromatic of space is predominantly cold, with references to the aquatic and underground world.