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Veteran Trees. Let there be dark, but let there be light!

Veteran Trees. Let there be dark, but let there be light!

Authors: arh. Irina Nemțeanu

Collaborators: Artist - Florin Ghenade/ Curatori - Alexandra Manole, Matei Câlția/ Coordonare execuție - Alexandra Anastasiu/ Coordonare producție lucrări - Veronica Negrilă/ Identitate grafică - Serioja Bocsok

Beneficiar: Galeria Posibilă

Authors’ Comment

Florin Ghenade’s artistic research suggests continuous inquests and discoveries, with carefully determined geographical routes and methodically constructed photo shootings, all of which can be perceived as a scenographic act. The multifaceted display shows photographs, video and sounds, which required the careful planning of an exhibition path meant to be perceived as a succession of visual, auditory and spatial frames. Thus the visitor faces at the entrance in Tancred Banățeanu exhibition space (MNȚR) a composition of three distinct sight planes: the foreground of ”Plopul de la Slăvuţa nr. 2” and the distant view of ”Frasin de la Fumureni”, also grasping the view of the documentary-bibliographical area of the ”Biblioteca de Galerie”. The space of the black box, with the purpose of exhibiting videos showing Florin Ghenade's research, becomes a pendulum in the visitor’s path, a witness of a dynamic artistic process which stands beside the static images of veteran trees.

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