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On Housing. Collective Housing: In-between Product and Process

On Housing. Collective Housing: In-between Product and Process

Authors: Ilinca Păun Constantinescu, Tudor Constantinescu, Laura Popa-Florea, Iulia Păun, Alexandru Păun, Gabriela Belcineanu
Ideogram Studio

Suzana Dan (curator, artist vizual)
Cercetare: IDEILAGRAM, MKBT: Make Better, Interrobang
Collaborators conținut expoziție:
Ana Maria Zahariade, Liviu Ianăși (arhitecți), Bogdan Iancu (antropolog), Dorel Niță (, VitaminA (arhitecți)
Designer grafic: Raymond Bobar, Gabriela Belcineanu
Infografice: Răzvan Zamfira, Gabriela Belcineanu
Comunicare: Vlad Odobescu
Traducător: Magda Teodorescu
Organizator: Ordinul Arhitecților din România, Filiala Teritorială Timiș
Coordonator: Oana Simionescu

Authors’ Comment

Given today’s context in which mass housing has increasingly become a marketing product, intensely advertised and wrapped in the most attractive packaging, the exhibition ON HOUSING provides a critical perspective on to the various actors involved: administrations, developers, architects, and residents/ end-users. The exhibition path will follow the “assembly line” of collective housing. Having an entirely objective viewpoint and sometimes interpreting facts that are made human through “actors’ voices”, the path shows the stages of this complicated process which starts from a basic need and ends up with a place where people live. A translucent filter, where the voices of the main actors that shape our homes are heard uninterruptedly, envelops the artistic installations. Some basic themes are revealed through artistic expressions, such as: the adjustment of the very same interior space according to different needs, the vitality of the exterior space, personal belongings that fill and define the spaces we inhabit, city or human vicinity.

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