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„Meerkats House” by David Drábek

„Meerkats House” by David Drábek

Authors: Moscu Irina

Beneficiar: Teatrul Național „Marin Sorescu”, Craiova, România

Authors’ Comment

An entirely open stage with a rectangular lighting frame marking the outline of a house contains an organically developed space, filled with furniture and props. A floor that has broken into pieces, separated by an "interiorized ocean", outlines different play areas: a kitchen and two bedrooms. The furniture elements gradually merge with the vegetal; the bed becomes a huge nest, the furniture is covered with climbing plants, the kitchen is swallowed by reed, the luminaires are owls with a bright head. Objects gradually lose their concreteness, so that the interior blends with outer space. The limits become diffused and the action flows fluidly.