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Species of spaces. Works from the contemporary art collection Société Générale

Authors: Arh. Ilinca Păun Constantinescu, Arh. Tudor Constantinescu, Arh. Gabriela Belcineanu
Ideogram Studio

Curator: Mihnea Mircan
Design grafic : Larisa Sitar
Coordonator MNAR : Judit Balint

Authors’ Comment

The exhibition borrows its title from a volume of texts about dwellings, domestic and public spaces, real or imaginary ones. Espèces d’espaces, Georges Perec's book from 1974 is a poetic typology of places and behaviors that places prescribe, condition, or make possible, of means in which cities and maps, pages and chambers, real or metaphysical boundaries restraint or stimulate imagination. The physical "species of spaces" are corners that break the exhibition space, fragments that derive from a whole. The origin spaces sprawl across the two exhibition areas, go in different directions, intersect. Their collisions create neighborhoods and surprising insights. Saison France-Roumanie 2019 A BRD Groupe Societe Generale project, in partnership with the National Art Museum of Romania