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Gherasim Luca - Limit Hero

Gherasim Luca - Limit Hero

Authors: Constantin Goagea, Cosmina Goagea, Alexandru Condrea, Anastasia David
Zeppelin Design

Expoziție co-produsă de Muzeul Național al Literaturii Române în colaborare cu Centre Pompidou și Biblioteca Academiei Române, în contextul Sezonului România - Franța.
Fotograf: Andrei Mărgulescu

Beneficiar: Muzeul Național al Literaturii Române

Authors’ Comment

The design of the exhibition dedicated to Gherasim Luca follows the way to the essence in which the surrealist poet sees his art. Any disruptive elements have been removed from the halls to obtain a white cube resonating with the formal cleansing of abstract images. A video projection with the reciting poet sticks to the wall at the end of a narrow corridor to accentuate the tension and the rithm of words. In the main hall, a series of photo collages on walls and original objects, books and manuscripts in classic displays create a balance between exotism and a simplified exposure frame.

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