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„A Child of the Flowers Tells a Story on a Blue Background” by Radu Afrim

Authors: arh. Irina Moscu

Beneficiar: Teatrul „Tamási Áron”, Sfântu-Gheorghe, România

Authors’ Comment

The idea of the project was to play with the size of the space, to enlarge and compress the small room of a pension by transforming it into an office in the City Hall, a brothel waiting room, then into the pension's garden. The space is gradually evolving while the walls of the room are moving in the depth of the stage and towards the side pockets, building other contexts for play. The lights embedded in the set change the atmosphere of the space, contributing to a better contour of the scenic situation. The dominant color is "Yves Klein" blue recalling some of the key words of the text that refer to the sky, the deep of the sea, sadness and melancholy.