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„Life on the Praça Roosevelt” by Dea Loher

„Life on the Praça Roosevelt” by Dea Loher

Authors: arh. Irina Moscu

Beneficiar: Wilhelma Theater, Stuttgart, Germania

Authors’ Comment

Roosevelt Square – an empty space closed on one side with a metaphoric construction: an aerated light sculpture, a gate, a triumphal arch, a cathedral, an altar, a hospital room, a café, a living room, a shop window. This is a passageway, a place for everyone and no one, a place where the feeling of sadness, melancholy and collective loneliness are met. The light embedded in the architecture of the gate changes the context and atmosphere of the space. The minimal lines and the black-and-white colors emphasize the character’s silhouettes. The bright "Ich" is a sign that marks the exit from the theatrical convention and the identification of actors and the audience with the stories of the protagonists.