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Estera Residence

Estera Residence

Authors: arh. Andrei Nicolae, arh. Oana Crețu, arh. Iustin Popescu, arh. Octavia Popeea
Coauthors: arh. Andrei Radu, arh. Ruxandra Corduneanu, arh. Mihai Roș, arh. Vlad Bârlădeanu, arh. Bogdan Niculae
Firm: OOPY Arhitectura

Structure project: ing. Ameen Mazouni, ing. Cătălina Maier, ing. M. Gh. Popescu, ing. D. Ștefan
plumbing: ing. C. Constantin, ing, G. Cristescu, ing. B. Anania, ing I. Cristescu
Logistică, avizare: Iulian Păcurar, Marius Veltulea
3D: arh. Cristian Moga, arh. Andrei Nicolae
Photo: Vali Mirea

Authors’ Comment

The concept of architecture aimed at creating a single-family home, in harmony with the natural environment, the emphasis being on openness, clarity, smoothness of details and simplicity, but also on the building’s energy efficiency.

With no intention to be iconoclastic, one can say that the overall image of the house is inspired by F. L. Wright’s “prairie house”, with strong geometry and horizontal development, with detached external structures, extended walls, large consoles and large terraces. The brick finish, characteristic of this style, was replaced by an equally warm other one, wood, creating a strong connection between house and earth. Thus, the entire building is covered in wooden paneling, in combination with cold finishes – stone and metal frames at the windows.

The access gates make the connection between the house and the surrounding nature by using the materials predominant inside – wood, stone and metal, this way delimiting the street property firmly, but discreetly of the surrounding nature.

Sunlight and full use of natural light were some of the central elements of the architectural concept. The glass surfaces – doors, railings – almost invisible due to the scarcity of elements made of other materials, give the feeling of fluidity and transparency, contributing, in turn, to the free roaming of light and the projection of the shadows of nearby trees.

The interior was designed as a flexible, open space with asymmetrical level plans – elements designed to support the harmony between interior and exterior, while offering all the functions required by the beneficiary: on the ground floor there are the living room, kitchen, bathroom and a technical room, and upstairs – three bedrooms, one double, two bathrooms and a dressing room.

The house is ecologically designed, with a BMS system, using the latest technologies, with low energy consumption, efficient heating (underfloor heating) as well as intelligent heating and cooling control installations, up to the control of blinds and sunshades.

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