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Mieilor House

București, România
Authors: arch. Octavia POPEEA, arch. Iustin POPESCU, arch. Alexandru APRODU, arch. Andrei NICOLAE, eng. Mihail Gheorghe POPESCU / Oopy Arhitectura SRL
Collaborators: arh. Ionuț Sima
arh. Andreea Navirca
ing. Bogdan Dumitrescu
ing. Marian Chirianu
ing. Carmen Constantin
ing. Bogdan Anania
Foto @ Mihai Covrig

Authors’ Comment

The building is created on the site of an older one, though it inherits and conveys a concept of duality. This concept is defined as being a permanent combination between two complementary elements - so the architecture is based on the inner / outer relationship, its functionality purposed for life at two ages, and in the field of interior design, combines oriental and western elements placed and listed as a journey among experiences and ideas.

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