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ATC Simulator

ATC Simulator

Authors: arh. Simina Dron, arh. Raul Dan Ardelean, arh. Maria Elena Dron
Dron and Ardelean Architects

Structura: ing. Sterie Caradim (KEIL BAU)
Structura: ing. Nicoleta Oprea (KEIL BAU)

Authors’ Comment

Located next to Kogalniceanu International Airport, the simulator’s building was designed to meet strictly the functional requirements related to the continuing training of the air traffic controllers. A simple, compact and efficient two-level volume was created, with a ground floor designed for a course room and a first floor dedicated to a air traffic simulation training room designed to provide high-fidelity simulations in accordance with specific regulations. The exterior appearance relied on the general yellow color of all the buildings on the premises, the simulator’s building proposing a pixelated image of yellow and grays.

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