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Multimodal Terminal Străulești

Multimodal Terminal Străulești

Autori: Arh.Gheorghe Goiciu
Arh.Vlad Andreescu
Arh.Consuela Dumitrescu
Urb.Mihăiță Rotaru, Urb.Andra Grecu, Arh.Anca Neculoiu,
Arh. Ana Berceanu.

Amenajare de suprafață: Ing. Luminița Enescu, Structură: Ing.Silviu Dărăban, Ing.Ionuț Vulpe, Ing.Beatrice Panait, Ing.Aniela Stan, Ing.Bogdan Mirea, Ing.Doina Arhire, Ing.Cătălin Boroianu.
Instalații complexe: Ing. Manuel Mândrea, Ing. Florin Barbu, Ing. Rodica Rotaru, Ing.Andrei Goiciu, Ing.Dumitru Litră,Ing. Lucian Ionescu, Ing.Mihaela Ionescu, Ing.Mișu Lazăr, Ing.Ioana Dumitrescu.


Beneficiar: METROREX S.A.

Authors’ Comment

As the city is in a great crisis on the fluency of the traffic and the possibility to make enough parking spaces in the areas of great interest of Bucharest, it has been thought that the intermodal terminal located in the NV area of the capital will have to "discourage" car to the city center, providing passengers with an over-ground parking and easy access to the urban transport network or the subway network, thus being able to reach anywhere in the city in a relatively short time. At the same time, an underground depot for better subterranean train maintenance was built.

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