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Techirghiol Pool

Techirghiol Pool

Authors: arh. Radu Grosu, arh. Mihaela Mircea
Inegal Design srl

Structura: Popp & Asociații srl
Collaborators instalații: Global Proiect srl

Beneficiar: Ana Hotels SA

Authors’ Comment

How to imagine an oasis where hotel’s guests will enjoy lake Techirghiol’s particular therapies? The pool, mirroring the lake surface, became the center of the composition. It was flanked by multifunctional platforms, guarded by large pergolas. The relationship between the covered spaces allows to respect the steps that need to be followed by the clients for this type of therapy, in which the interaction with the sun, salt water and mud needs to take place in a certain order. The finishes and the vegetation that were proposed create a calm environment, enriched by games of lights and shadows.

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