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Big Office
  • Isopan Prize

Big Office

Authors: arh. Răzvan Puchici, arh. Ioana Moangă, arh. Daniel Iorga, arh. Vasile Revin, arh. Ciprian Drăghicescu
Cumulus Architecture

Collaborators: Ing. Dan Stănel inginer Arhispatial, Ing. Mihai Preda inginer Alu Glass Technik

Beneficiar: Vladexim

Authors’ Comment

Big Office wanted to change the historical and archetypal concept for office building design. Our team proposed a discreet and “shadowed” urban presence, located in a very amorphous crossroad in Bucharest. The building multiplies this feature of the urban space through its cladding, without losing balance. Thus, the building becomes a mixture between windows and walls, both in the same percentage and designed considering sunlight and energy saving. The result is a mixture of functional, flexible inner spaces, in contrast with the main lobby, designed as a gate between the unstructured urban composition and simplicity/efficiency of the working spaces.

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