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Străulești Subway Station

Străulești Subway Station

Autor:Arh.Consuela Dumitrescu
Coautori: Arh.Gheorghe Goiciu
Urb.Mihăiță Rotaru,Urb. Liliana Ionici
Metroul S.A.

Amenajare de suprafață: Ing. Luminița Enescu, Structură: Ing.Cătălin Boroianu, Ing.Anne Marie Leerescu, Ing.Ionuț Vulpe, Ing.Aniela Stan. Instalații complexe: Ing.Liviu Popa,Ing.Odiseea Popa, Ing. Manuel Mândrea, Ing. Florin Barbu, Ing. Rodica Rotaru, Ing.Andrei Goiciu, Ing.Dumitru Litră,Ing. Lucian Ionescu, Ing.Mihaela Ionescu, Ing.Mișu Lazăr, Ing.Ioana Dumitrescu.

Beneficiar: Metrorex S.A.

Authors’ Comment

Due to its functional and urban role, an intermodal node station to solve the public space offered, it was necessary to capitalize on the local specific identity in the projected space. Architecture highlights and capitalizes on the identity of the place, namely: - its cultural importance at the city level (neighboring archaeological sites); - green area from above ground (through natural light); - preservation of the site's initial role - transport intersection (intersection of roads above ground and intersection of pedestrian traffic in the underground space created on the end of Străuleşti lake).

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