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Restaurant Sfantu Gheorghe

Restaurant Sfantu Gheorghe

Authors: arh. Monica Despina Sache, arh. Stefan Radocea, std. arh. Vlad Savulescu
TAG Architecture

Collaborators: ing. rezistenta Teodor Pavlu

Authors’ Comment

A small site in the center of Sfantu Gheorghe, Tulcea, becomes a place for stoping, reason to feast and more so a moment of comprehension of both land and water. The building sits tectonicaly, with its most “heavy” part, as you go up the enclosers would rarefy. The kitchen, which gives meaning to the hole, sits on the ground floor in relation with the courtyard while holding the places to eat. A round stair goes up to the space on the first floor and a “long” one takes you from the courtyard all the way to the roog terace. The wooden structure reveals itself at this last floor whilst on the others it stays hidden behind the white plaster walls.

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