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CNG Antares

CNG Antares

Authors: arh. Bogdan Neagu
Firm: nbc arhitect s.r.l.

Arhitectură: arh. Ovidiu Lucaci, arh. Adrian Mihai Crisu, arh. Alexandru Dumitrescu, arh. Dana Stanciucu, arh. Iulia Ion
Structure project: Pro Vedra s.r.l.
plumbing: Silcoprest s.r.l., Propramm s.r.l., Insta service s.r.l.
Builder: Hispano Construct s.r.l.
Client: Denisson Energy s.r.l.

Authors’ Comment

The project presented is part of the first network of refueling stations for compressed natural gas vehicles in Romania along the European transport corridors.
In Romania, 9 such stations were proposed, connecting the western part of the country with Constanța area. The object presented in the images is the first made of the whole series, located in Chiajna, Bucharest.
Given that we are talking about a function whose program is unique in the market in the country, the challenge of giving it an identity was the main engine of the project. The design process began in 2016 and went through multiple stages of transformation.
The final result, the sheet metal membranes with organic perforations painted in raw green and the console with 3.75m openings are the branding elements of CNG stations.

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