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Collection 10

Collection 10

Authors: arh. Bogdan Neagu
Firm: nbc arhitect s.r.l.

Arhitectură: arh. Radu Draghici, arh. Dana Stanciucu, arh. Alexandru Dumitrescu
Structure project: D&C Expert Proiectare Structuri s.r.l.
plumbing: Alyates design s.r.l.
Builder: J.Q Development s.r.l.
Client: J.Q Development s.r.l.

Authors’ Comment

Our office has an integrated approach, taking into account the interaction between architecture, urbanism and interior design.
Collection 10 is one of the projects in which all 3 major stages of design were completed. Initially, the client wanted to build a unit with flats, but we managed to convince him of the importance of the relationship with the neighborhoods.
This is how the 6 houses appeared, whose footprint does not exceed 85 square meters, leaving enough space for garden. The surface of the houses is developed vertically with the ground floor occupied by the kitchen, dining room and living room followed by the 1st and 2nd floor which represent the night area (bedrooms and bathrooms).
In order to avoid the massiveness of the whole ensemble, we tried to treat the 3 levels of the building differently. Thus we have 3 layers for each floor. The top floor was designed as a barnhouse. This fragmentation of volumes makes Collection 10 a place to feel at home.

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