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Cluj Kinethic Park

cluj, jud. Cluj, România
Author: arch. Bogdan Constantin Neagu / NBC ARHITECT
Collaborators: arh. Radu Draghici,
arh. Alexandru Dumitrescu,
arh. Andrei Moflea,
arh. Vlad Zlota,
arh. Vlad Dragan

Authors’ Comment

“Feroviar” Park is a planted area of 5.4 hectares, with the function of public recreational park.
The proposal of our office focused on integrating the park into the existing urban fabric and generating multifunctional public spaces-as transition areas, towards the northern area, towards Train Station Square, the church and the residential area. The versatility of the landscaped spaces and the adaptation to the emerging cultural context of the city led us to the idea of a kinetic park where all proposed elements (multifunctional pavilion, amphitheater-belvedere bridge, rotary benches, summer theater, ice rink, playgrounds for children, points of view on Someş, access gates) to subordinate to the concept of motion-transformation-dynamism.
Thus, the existing bridge becomes a true "attractor": a bridge with stepped section and metal pergolas, which includes both a pedestrian area with a bicycle lane and an amphitheater area along the bridge, resulting in a space- contemporary belvedere.
The multifunctional amphitheater-pavilion bridge, with the info area, café and showrooms, generates urban spaces and consistent activities, regenerating a dull urban fabric without any landmarks. The park becomes extrovert, beneficial to adjacent urban areas.

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