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Duplex Forest Residence interior design

Voluntari, România
Authors: arch. Bogdan Constantin Neagu, Laurentia Popescu / NBC ARHITECT
Collaborators: arh. Iulian Oanta, arh. Alexandru Scarlat
foto: arh. Ovidiu Lucaci

Authors’ Comment

We wanted to design a monolith sculptural volume, finished with a whiteboard sheets which incorporates symmetrical chamfer from the attic to the ground floor. The main orientation of the chambers, given the nearby areas, was directed to the main and secondary façade.
The building consists of 8 duplex apartments situated on the ground and 1st floor and another 4 duplex apartments on the 2nd and 1st attic floor. At the 2nd attic floor there is a penthouse.
The duplex apartments on the ground floor have gardens with direct access from the outside. The duplexes at 2nd and 1st attic floor were reversed so that the main acces is at 1st attic floor, the day time area, and the night time area is down below. This reversal creates the benefit of sound insulation between the apartments and the dynamic of the windows on the facades.

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